You're the element of water! Here's what that means
3rd Ritual
Fun with science, Mae and Ira Blacker, 1968
Fun with science, Mae and Ira Blacker, 1968

The Water Element

A.K.A. The Philosopher

Philosophers are astute and wise beyond their years, with a natural gift for acquiring knowledge. They’re allergic to small talk and performative activism, and instead, gravitate towards people who practice what they preach.

Steadfast in their quest for truth, philosophers value authenticity and insight and will often analyze a situation until its significance is revealed. Like all great thinkers, water types run the risk of being overly introspective. Physical practices like movement and massage can help water types get out of their heads and back into their bodies.

Recommended ritual:


3rd Ritual Acupressure Polygon

Recommended tool:

Acupressure polygon

3rd Ritual
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