In Conversation
  • Name
    Kerrilynn Pamer
  • Occupation
    Co-founder, CAP Beauty
  • Location
  1. How do you define ritual? And how does it play a part in your life?

    I heard the word ‘ritual’ recently defined as ‘a consistent act that when done with intention that has the ability to transform.’ And I feel like that’s beautifully succinct. Right now I’m in a big simplification moment in my life. So for me, ritual has been a simple act done with awareness and consistency. Here’s an example: I drink a cup of espresso in the morning. And it’s just the act of stopping. Whether I’m making the espresso at home or whether I’m out in the world, I’m connecting to it on a sensory level, and then participating with it.

  2. What methods do you have of tapping into this present version of yourself?

    I’ve always been a really, really voracious reader. That’s how I take in information, and how I process the world. You can see where I’m at emotionally, creatively, and intellectually by looking at my nightstand. It’s this external journal that tracks what it is that I’m interested in and where I’m putting my head and my thoughts. I read broadly, low and high, fully across the board. I genuinely believe there is something to be gleaned really from anyone who’s taken the time to write words to page.

    It’s funny, my husband continually tells me that he thinks I have a fiction book in me to write. I’ve been laying in bed before I go to sleep thinking about it…and I can’t even fathom how people create story, arc, conclusion. But that premise is intriguing; I’m interested in the idea of writing as a way to activate that part of my brain…to feel and find a story.

  3. Do you have any sort of “rules” for living? Statements or touchstones you find yourself coming back to …

    I think one of the biggest things that I’m learning is that it’s all a learning. It can be painful and/or joyful but we’re always learning something. Then I would also say: love well and forgive well. That includes yourself.