In Conversation
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    Micah Lexier
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  1. What rituals are part of your creative process?

    Because I work for myself, I need routines to give my day structure. My favorite is my weekday morning ritual that consists of my partner and I riding our bikes together towards downtown. I peel off at the local community center to go for a swim while he carries on towards his work. After my swim, I go to a coffee shop near the pool, where I sit and drink coffee and chat with some of the other regulars. I never book appointments before 10:30 am, unless it’s to meet someone for coffee after my swim.

  2. Are there any great artifacts that have profoundly influenced the way you live or work?

    I love objects and am excited by a number of the items that I have found and unearthed lately. I’m drawn to simple objects and unpretentious packaging. They influence me by inspiring me to try to make things that have that same sense of simplicity and casualness. There is a quality that I find in these older objects that I am attempting to imbue my new objects with. 

  3. What does it mean to re-interpret the world by rearranging it, rather than making it completely from scratch?

    That is a really fundamental question that cuts to the core of my recent work. Part of me resists articulating in words what it is that I am trying to do, for fear of figuring it out and then just illustrating it. The making of the work is a very invigorating process and that is more than enough for me.