In Conversation
  • Name
    Natalie Herrera
  • Craft
    Ceramics & Art Direction
  • Creator of
    From High Gloss
  1. Did your parents perform any rituals when you were growing up?

    When I was young, I always woke up super tense. My dreams were heavy and alarm clocks only came in two terrible sounds (“sinking ship” or “tinny palindrome beat”). To help, my mother would wake me up before the alarm with a back massage and run her finger up my spine. It calmed my nerves and I’d wake up to her smiling face. I am forever grateful to the troubled mornings that ended up turning into my fondest memories. Silver lining.

  2. Do you have any everyday rituals?

    Dance. In college, Shawn, my partner, would play Mr. Blue Sky by ELO in the morning for me. Before the first lyric, I would be jumping into some freestyle dance. For years I would wake up to that song. It’s probably a little backwards, but I’d follow it with some floor stretching to loosen my muscles. Now, I pick my own music and it’s different every morning. Today Tom Tom Club’s Genius Lover, yesterday, Bell Biv DeVoe’s Poison.

  3. What are you most grateful for?

    Experiences. I’m extremely happy for the ones I’ve had. Some of the best are from family, when I’m learning, and friendships. I don’t have a strong spiritual guide in the classic sense, but find that intuition and chance has lead me well.