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1 of 3 Where do you hold tension in your body?
Notice your posture
2 of 3 Which part of your day is least enjoyable?
Deepen your breath
3 of 3 Which of the following quotes resonates most?
things that matter take time
Rules for Abundant Living
  • i. Begin each day with intention
  • ii. Replace 'I want' with 'I have'
  • iii. Set growth-oriented goals
  • iv. Help others
  • v. End each day with gratitude
Movement Recipe
  • i. Practice x3 rounds of sun salutations
  • ii. Apply your favorite Topical Highlighter massaging your neck, shoulders, and low back
  • iii. Practice x3 rounds of palm inhalation
  • iv. Take note of any shifts that may have occurred in your body, mind, or mood
Rules for Living With Yourself
  • i. Be kind
  • ii. Be kind
  • iii. Be kind
Ideas for Grounding
  • i. Sit cross-legged on the floor
  • ii. Go for a walk (without your phone)
  • iii. Practice self-massage with your favorite earthy blend
  • iv. Touch dirt (i.e. pot a plant, work with clay, sift sand)
Recipe for Releasing
  • i. Expect less, appreciate more
  • ii. Remember: everyone has a suffering you know nothing about
  • iii. Deepen your breath
  • iv. Be patient—things that matter take time
  • v. Notice your posture, surroundings, and thoughts
Centering Ritual
  • i. Place your hands on your heart
  • ii. Breathe deeply
  • iii. Notice your inhalation
  • iv. Notice your exhalation
  • v. Soften into the space behind your hands
Writing Ritual

In the words of Julia Cameron, “We should write because writing brings clarity and passion to the act of living.” Reflect on the past, set intentions for the future, and anchor yourself to the present by way of your words.

here’s a guided version of this ritual

Trataka Ritual
  • i. Light a candle
  • ii. Affix your gaze to the flame
  • iii. Deepen your breath and soften your gaze
  • iv. If your attention wanders, return to the flickering light—a symbol for the fluctuations of our minds
  • v. When it comes time to conclude your sit, blow out the candle, releasing that which no longer serves you
Ideas for Dissolving Stagnation
  • i. Change your scenery
  • ii. Call a friend
  • iii. Create in a new medium
  • iv. Declutter your closet or inbox
  • v. Practice Nadi Shodhana
  • vi. Take a bath
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