YIN Jacket


Designed to comfort and soothe, the weighted Yin Jacket supports slow practices like meditation, restorative yoga, and lounging.

Weighted Yin Jacket by 3rd Ritual3rd Ritual Weighted Yin Jacket3rd Ritual Weighted Jacket

By evenly distributing weight around the torso, the Yin Jacket helps calm anxiety and facilitate rest by relieving our parasympathetic system — the part of our nervous system that governs our ability to truly relax. Like everything we create, this jacket is a tool that is meant to be worn with intention.


The sage color is applied using organic, plant-based dyes, and while most weighted blankets are filled with plastic particles, the Yin Jacket contains thousands of recycled glass beads.


Designed in New York
Made in Guatemala City
Weighs 6 lbs


One size fits most
L 75cm | W 50cm 


Spot clean
Dry clean
Mend when torn

MOON $32