Ritual Spotlight

New Moon

A “new moon” occurs once a month when the sun and earth are perfectly aligned on either side, rendering the moon invisible to the naked eye. So why does something that cannot be seen hold so much significance?

While full moons symbolize the culmination of a cycle, a new moon represents its beginning. It can serve as a reminder that life offers second chances and opportunities to course correct. If you’ve lost sight of your intentions, this lunar event can help you refocus on what matters most. Like a full moon, a new moon brings the highest and lowest tides—a beautiful expression of pattern in nature that’s mirrored by the human experience.

New beginnings, such as jobs, relationships or ideas, that coincide with new moons are auspicious and said to be more likely to prosper. We think of new moons as reminders to practice the rituals that inspire self-reflection so that we head into the next cycle with newfound clarity. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Light your BEL and journal until the first pin drops. Be specific as you list what you need more of and what you could do without.
  2. Take an aromatic bath with essential oils and sea salt, ideally by candlelight.
  3. Apply MOON to your temples, hands, and feet. The simple act of self-massage can be one of the most sacred forms of self-care.