Our workshops pair ancient philosophies with modern techniques.
With in-person gatherings on pause, we’re pleased to introduce the 3rd Ritual Retreat — a podcast.

Led by our founder, Jenn Tardif, The 3rd Ritual Retreat blends pragmatic discourse with esoteric practices. Featuring teachers from around the world, the episodes are short, sacred, and best enjoyed sequentially.

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  1. An Invitation to Make Peace with the Present

    Retreats are a lot like rituals. They’re tools that help silence the external noise so that our internal landscapes can settle, containers waiting to be filled. Please find a comfortable seat and join us on a journey of embodied philosophy, personal practice, and self-discovery.

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  2. Here & Now: The Context of Quarantine

    Featuring health & wellness journalist Lili Barbery in Paris, master meditation & yoga teacher Nikki Costello in London, and spiritual teacher & counselor Ally Bogard in New Mexico — this episode lays the foundation for our collective exploration.

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  3. Making Space for Stability & Joy

    In this episode, we’ll use the body as a tool to help stabilize the mind with a sequence by Claire Lim, the founder of Shared Space in Hong Kong. Once we’ve primed the body for stillness, Sinikiwe Dhliwayo, the founder of Naaya Wellness in Brooklyn will guide us through a recipe for cultivating joy. You don’t need much space or a change of clothes, this practice was designed to meet you wherever you are, whenever you’re in need of a new perspective.

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  4. Poetry & Prose: Words of Wisdom

    Poets are like prophets, they teach us to find the magic in the otherwise mundane. Featuring Naz Ozbek in Istanbul, Turkey, and Angel Jhang in Queensland, Australia, this episode harnesses the power of prose to inspire new perspectives.

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  5. Writing for Clarity & Contemplation

    “We should write because writing brings clarity and passion to the act of living.” —Julia Cameron. In this episode, Jenn Tardif guides you through three different writing exercises for reflection, insight, and clarity.

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  6. Mantra: Tools to Calm the Mind

    The best teachers are eternal students. We couldn’t think of anyone more qualified than Nikki Costello, who has been steadfast in her study, practice, and facilitation of ritual for more than 30 years, to help us unpack the recitation of mantra.

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  7. Pranayama I: Body, Breath & Imagination

    Eva Giorgi, a Senior Katonah Yoga Teacher, with credentials spanning Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbology, and Agriculture, graciously leads us through an advanced practice that masterfully weaves together body, breath, and imagination.

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  8. Pranayama II & Meditation

    In this episode, designed to dissolve stress by calming the nervous system, Nikki Costello primes the canvas for meditation with breathwork, followed by Angel Jhang who helps us quiet the external noise so that our internal landscapes can settle.

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  9. Towards: In Closing

    In closing, we come full circle to bookend this journey just as we would if we were gathered together in person. It is with immense gratitude for your time and attention in joining us in what has truly been a wholehearted exploration of philosophy, ritual, and self-study.

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