3rd Ritual workshops pair ancient philosophies with modern techniques.

In each workshop, we share our most treasured rituals spanning aromatherapy, painting, journaling, yoga, tea ceremonies and more. We strive to empower participants with practical tools for self-care by exploring the power of essential oils, guided meditation, sacred geometry or intention setting while engaging with an inspired community in a safe space. All materials are provided and we simply ask that guests arrive with an open mind. Due to the intimate nature of our events, advanced registration is always recommended. 

We’ve partnered with early-stage startups and large companies to create custom workshops for teams and in a few cases comprehensive, company-wide wellness programs. Although we structure the process a little differently, the positive and mindful results of our public events remain. If you think your workplace would benefit from a custom 3rd Ritual workshop please fill out the form below.

From Sacred Geometry to Self-Care

March 11th, 2018
3–5 pm

Love Yoga East
2110 Sunset Blvd, Suite O
Los Angeles, CA 90026

We’re heading to LA this March for a seasonal offering spanning body, breath and imagination.

With spring just around the corner, this an ideal time to shed the heaviness of winter by moving, making and receiving some serious self-care. This workshop is designed to help you re-pattern by way of a physical practice with plenty of hands-on assists, guided breath work, experiential rituals, art therapy and scent-based meditation.

All materials including yoga mats and a safe space will be provided–we simply ask that participants arrive with an open mind. No experience is required, but due to the intimate nature of this event advanced RSVP is recommended.

Interested in organizing a private 3rd Ritual workshop? Please fill out the request form below and we’ll do our best to make it happen! To date, custom rituals have included moon ceremonies, intention-setting, bridal showers and baby blessings.