3rd Ritual workshops pair ancient philosophies with modern techniques.

In each workshop, we share our most treasured rituals spanning aromatherapy, painting, journaling, yoga, tea ceremonies and more. We strive to empower participants with practical tools for self-care by exploring the power of essential oils, guided meditation, sacred geometry or intention setting while engaging with an inspired community in a safe space. All materials are provided and we simply ask that guests arrive with an open mind. Due to the intimate nature of our events, advanced registration is always recommended. 

Coming Up

Sacred Pause

We’re hosting an intimate workshop with our friends at Sonomama in LA, design to settle the self before the introspective months ahead.

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Yoga, Art & Aromatherapy

Join us at Sky Ting Yoga for a workshop designed to promote creativity and clarity. We’ll target body, mind, and spirit via practices like yin yoga, art therapy, and guided aromatic meditation.

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